IPL (Photofacial)


   The photofacial uses bright light to "lift" brown and red pigmentations from the skin and to smooth out blemishes. The most common areas our patients choose for this procedure are brown spots on the arms and hands, brown and/or red spots on the face and neck, and brown freckling across the chest and decollete. Downtime is very minimal.


CO2/Erbium Fractional Resurfacing


  This technique is your answer if you want dramatically different skin in terms of both texture, brown spots, and wrinkle appearance. A fractionated laser is used to ablate pinpoint areas of your skin, causing your skin to "remake" itself, smoothing wrinkles, eliminating brown spots, and boosting collagen. The anti-aging results are absolutely astonishing!

Laser 360


The El Dorado of Anti-Aging!


  Laser 360 gives you the ultimate package of rejuvenation procedures. It consists of 3 state-of-the-art techniques!

   First, your skin is tightened to flatten wrinkles, smooth fat deposits, and showcase your unique bone structure.

   Secondly, we perform a photofacial, removing red and brown pigment anomalies.

   Thirdly, we employ fractional resurfacing to dramatically improve your skin's look, feel, and texture.

   All of this is performed in one day and in just a couple of weeks your skin will be the envy of the neighborhood.


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