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Who said cosmetics were just for women? While the stigma surrounding cosmetics have always been this way, we are here to break down those stereotypes and encourage people of all genders to take care of themselves. There is no treatment in our clinic that was created for one specific gender. Whether it be Botox for fine lines and wrinkles (as men do tend to have stronger frontalis and glabellar muscles), filler for more jaw or cheekbone definition, laser tattoo removal, hair reduction under the beard or of the back--there are so many options.

Skincare for men in general is just as important as it is for women. The AAD agrees that men's skin is physically thicker than women's skin, but the regimens and treatments needed are essentially the same. It's important to first identify and understand your specific skin type to find the best regimen and products that will work. Men may also need to be more cautious if facial hair and shaving is involved. Bacteria tends to harbor in warmth, which can include beards. If you regularly shave, you may be more prone to wounds, cuts, ingrowns and infections. All of these leads to the need for a hygienic skincare routine, which can be as simple as a daily cleanser both morning and night as well as a moisturizer.

Men also tend to receive more damage to the face from the sun due to a heavier disregard for sunscreen usage. Sun damage can lead to a multitude of concerns, the biggest and most important one being skin cancer. In addition to medical concerns, the sun causes brown spots, freckling, wrinkles, and broken blood vessels, most commonly on the nose and cheeks. Laser resurfacing will work to improve sun spots and crepey, wrinkled skin. We can also use our NdYag laser to remove broken capillaries and veins of the face & body. Whether these treatments are needed or not, sunscreen is the absolute most important factor of all to prevent fast aging and overall skin damage.

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Monthly exfoliation treatments, such as Dermaplaning and Diamond Glow, are also beneficial to maintaining a clean, healthy face. Dermaplaning is better for those of you who do not care to keep your facial hair, whereas Diamond Glow is best for deep, clogged pores, blackheads, dead skin cell build up and needed hydration. These treatments work to detox the skin of all oil and debris, breaking down bacteria and promoting a fresh complexion.

Botox for men is usually focused on the same areas as it is for women--the horizontal forehead lines, 11's, and crow's feet around the eyes. These areas tend to show our aging the fastest, especially when these muscles are strong and prominent. Men will typically require anywhere between 10-30 units more than the average full-faced Botox treatment for women. This procedure, though, will help soften concentration and expression lines in the upper face to preserve the youthful appearance of the skin.

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